NV&W Membership – 5 March 2018 Nevada Vines & Wines Membership is taking off Membership growth and participation are the living heartbeat of our organization and Nevada Vines & Wines is thriving like a healthy vine in Northern Nevada. One reason; last month we introduced a new members-only benefit. Invite one or more guests to the tasting event and we waive the $10 tasting fee. Members jumped at the opportunity and brought 10-15 guests in February – and congratulations team – we added five new members at this event alone. For the March tasting event, invite 1 or 2 guests and we’re likely to double that number, and please introduce yourself to the new members (below) and say “Welcome”. Ken & Vicki LaRovere James Mann Sherry Wilkens Harrington March tasting attendance fees: Single Members: bring 1 or more guests and we waive the $10 tasting fee Household Members: for each guest, we waive $10 Guests: pay $15 to attend (or $25 to join) and we’ll waive the $15 tasting fee   Membership Survey in Process (and if we haven’t reached you yet, feel free to call us) Membership Co-Chairs, Adrian Dyette (775) 560-6762 and Stuart Michell (775) 720-5826 are methodically calling every member (and after requesting a few minutes of your time), asking a series of questions to collect members’ thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how we can improve our organization. To-date, over half the membership has been contacted and we’ve gathered very insightful and valuable information. Thank you for your active participation.   List of Growers and their Vine Count We’d like to produce a current list of growers within our membership and your vine count – perhaps even produce a flip book with pictures. We’d like to use the book to show potential growers what some of our established members have done to-date and encourage new growers to jump into action. Please contact Adrian and Stuart and let us know your information. Vine count by variety would be very helpful.   New Member Ideas and Action Growth Plans Have membership growth ideas? We’d like to hear them. We believe every member is already a member of our team – when you bring 1 or more guests to the tasting events – membership benefits. And if you’d like to join our committee, and have some fun helping us grow NV&W to over 100 members this year, contact Stuart or Adrian. Together, we can “make it happen”. Thanks in advance.   Membership Committee Adrian: 775 560-6762 Stuart: 775 720-5826

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