Membership Growth up 50% since January 1 Members absorbed decades of knowledge in less than 2 hours from Total Wines sommelier, Rebecca Davidson, at our March 15th tasting event and again, NW&V members enthusiastically embraced our 2018 membership campaign – where members who bring 1 or more guests attend the event for FREE – and their guests receive full credit of the cost of the tasting ($15 for single, $25 for couples) towards the cost of membership ($25 for single or $40 for household). Many members brought guests, and many guests jumped at the opportunity to join our fun-loving organization. See the new member list below – and please seek out the new members at our next event and say; “Welcome”.March Membership Timothy Burke William Coplin Joseph Cannella Mary and Steve Easley Sylvia and jack Ely Janet Senini Joe Wozniak Davin sundvick Ellen and James Van WinkleMembership Survey Close to Completion (if we have NOT yet made contact, please call Adrian or Stuart)Membership Co-Chairs, Adrian Dyette (775) 560-6762 and Stuart Michell (775) 720-5826 have been calling the membership to gain members’ perspectives, ideas and suggestions on how best you think we can improve our organization. Thank you for your active participation.  Expect results to be published in May/June.Monthly Tasting Event Locations If you have a suggestion for a location, we’d like to hear from you. The flexibility to provide our own Food & Beverage (F & B) will be important – but not imperative.  In the near future we’ll want to seat 50 people comfortably and maybe even 100 in the more distant future. The events & programs committee will consider the locations and do the research. Summer is coming (we think); outside locations, restaurants willing to do food pairings, community halls, conference spaces . . . we’re open to ideas.THANK YOU!Membership Committee Adrian: 775 560-6762 Stuart: 775 720-5826

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